Screen Protectors

Enhanced Scratch Proof Layer


The X-ONE Armorvisor screen protector provides your mobile device with both screen and vision protection. Making use of cutting edge anti-shock technology it is designed to withstand 5 times the shock impact of your device’s original screen, enabling your cellular device to sustain various impacts without damaging your original screen. Blue or white LED can permanently damage the retina of your eyes while showing no symptoms or feeling any pain. Incorporating Anti-ultraviolet technology, the X-ONE Armorvisor screen protector blocks out 90% of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from your mobile device, providing stronger visual protection.

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Extreme Shock

The X-ONE Extreme Shock screen protector provides your cellular phone with cutting edge screen protection. With 9 technologically advanced protective mechanisms it has earned its title as ‘The World’s Toughest Screen Protector’. Long gone are the fears of cracked screens as each feature is designed to withstand the most abrasive conditions your device could ever encounter, reducing the risk and need for expensive screen repairs

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Ultra Crystal Clear

Designed specifically for curved screen devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 . The Ultra Crystal Clear screen protector provides your cellular device with screen protection as well as visual appeal that is clear and transparent.  Its cutting edge full screen protection is designed to withstand the most abrasive conditions your cellular device should ever encounter.

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