Impact Resistant

Conservative Flip

Open your iPhone in style with a genuine cow leather Conservative Flip phone case. A hard case is glued firmly into the cover and provides perfect grip for your smartphone.

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Drop Guard

The X-ONE Drop Guard Phone Case provides your mobile device with slim, cutting edge protection that allows it to sustain various impacts without damaging its body or internal mechanisms.

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Drop Guard Pro

  • DNA Guard Technology. Provides more than 90%  of it’s absorbing capability.
  • Embedded “X-One” trademark. Use with confidence. The original maker of Dropguard Case.
  • Air Cushion Technology.  Air cushion on four corners effectively absorbs impact forces when falling.
  • PET & TPU material. Premium material keeps the case completely tough and stronger.
  • Protect and Reveal. Comprehensively protect your iPhone and maintain it’s original beauty.
  • Low profile. Our Edge Guard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.
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Exotic Flip

Protect your device with a stylish Exotic Flip phone case made from exclusive embossed fabric. The phone cover has an inbuilt hard case glued firmly into the cover and provides perfect a grip for your smartphone.

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Luxe Flip

X-ONE Luxe Flip Genuine Eel Leather Case for iPhone devices. This Beautifully hand stitched leather phone cover protects your device against heat and water damage.

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Rugged Flip

X-ONE Rugged Flip case is a high-quality mobile case which protects your phone from scratches and external impact. The cover perfectly protects every corner and edge of your Smartphone including the front and back, with a built-in hard case for additional protection.

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Signature Flip

The Signature Flip phone case is made from high-quality genuine deer leather fabric. The luxury surface of this flip cover provides a classic and stylish look. The case is strong, lightweight and protects your phone against heat and water damage.

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