5 Reasons Why You Need A DropGuard

The DropGuard is a protective case that you put around a smartphone. It covers the back and edges of the phone. It’s designed to perfectly fit your phone, while protecting the camera lens and allowing easy port access.

You’ve probably dropped your smartphone at least once. Most of us have, so we can relate. Smartphones can get seriously damaged if they’re dropped, and the inner casing is not enough to protect the phone from damagTe.

This is why many people are opting to shield their smartphones with the DropGuard. It’s one of the toughest and most reliable phone guards in the market.

Here are 5 reasons why you need the DropGuard:


1. 70% Of Screen Cracks Occur When Phones Are Dropped On Their Edges

I bet you didn’t know this fact.

Most screen cracks occur when the phones are dropped on the edges, not on the front. This is because the screen is a vulnerable part, and phones are more likely to fall on their edges than on the back or front.

This is why it’s really important that your phones edges are firmly protected, and DropGuard is perfect for that purpose.

DropGuard phone covers are built with EdgeGuard technology. It gives strong and thick protective covering along the edges of the phones, and especially the corners. This will absorb the heaviest impacts upon fall.


2. We Will Keep Dropping Our Phones

The reality we have to accept is that we’re not gonna stop dropping our phones (unless all of us develop flawless phone handling skills, which is unlikely).

We are using our smartphones now more than ever. We use them everywhere – in the kitchen, in bed, on the couch, at work, on public transport, and even in the bathroom. And smartphones are getting bigger in size, which makes them more unwieldy.

Since dropping our phone is an inevitable reality, why not guard against it?


3. It’s Custom-Built For Your Phone Model

It’s absolutely necessary that the phone casing fits the phone exactly. If the phone is too big, then the casing won’t fit. If the phone is too small, then the casing will be loose.

The makers of DropGuard are aware of this, which is why every DropGuard is custom-built for a specific phone model.

Currently, you can get DropGuards for Apple, Huawei, and Samsung phones. There are dozens of different models for each brand. The DropGuard will fit all phones of the same size as the models it’s built for.

With DropGuard, you don’t have to worry because the phone covers are designed for you.


4. It’s Very Affordable

Protection shouldn’t have to be expensive. We know that protecting your phone from damage is essential and everyone should do it. That’s why we make sure DropGuard is very affordable; it starts at just R 99.

Click here to buy a DropGuard for R 99.


5. It Has All These Nifty Features

DropGuards additionally come with advanced features. These are some of the features:

  • DNA Guard Technology: A unique polymer blend with enhanced shock absorption capability.
  • Different Colors: We understand that the look and color of the smartphone is important to people. DropGuard is available in 3 colors: Black, white, and pink.
  • Air Cushions: There are air cushions on each corner of the DropGuard. This ensures maximum shock absorption on vulnerable areas.

Are you convinced yet? Check out the different DropGuards and select the one you like: